Wardrobing Basics

Dressing for Sexy Glamour

Clothes are not the focal-point of the shoots I do, the model is. For me, clothes are about adornment, beauty enhancement, and storytelling.

I have several large boxes of wardrobe, but it's far better if a model can bring her own suitcase(s) of interesting items to add to the mix. I provide this and the following pages to provide inspiration for what kinds of things to look for within your own wardrobe. They are looks I enjoy and which I find work well with the kinds of photos I'm most interested in creating.

Beauty, Desirability, Sexuality

For shoots with me, every wardrobe choice should maximize beauty, desirability, and sexuality.

Lots of other things are good: theme, image, and concept, fancy, frilly, trashy, interesting, expensive, designer-label, classy, cool, interesting, quirky. All good.

Never at the expense of beauty, desirability, and sexuality.

Human beauty has a sexual edge to it. To pretend otherwise is to be out of touch with human nature. There is a divine sacredness to that sexual edge. Trying to be desirable while avoiding sexual desirability is a recipe for boring failure.

Fantasy and Intensity

My photography is no place for the everyday, about the beauty and intensity this world should be filled with, but rarely is.

Wardrobe should be three steps beyond acceptable street-wear. Take it out of the ordinary, out of the everyday.


There are specific wardrobe themes I look for:

bohemian natural (free spirity/gypsy),

urban chic (rock star),

threatened innocence (lolitas and lolipops),

divine surrender (sexually submissive),

dishabille (artistic undress), and

I have pages with mood boards for each look which you should look at for inspiration and see if they suggest anything in your current wardrobe.

There are links to each theme, in order, starting at the bottom of this page.

Body Coverage

Again, I photograph female beauty, not fashion. I'm generally dissatisfied showing much less than half a model's skin. I prefer tight things to formless things. No need to bring parkas or full-length Victorian gowns unless the intention is to only half-wear them.


It's safer to bring alternatives than to be stuck with an outfit I find boring or unflattering. I don't object to models bringing stuffed suitcases. Sending me mirror selfies before a shoot to narrow things down is also an option.

Have Fun

I have bins of accessories, lacy and flirty things, etc... if we need them. Enough to wardrobe about a hundred shoots entirely if I hate everything you own.

Do your very best, show me what you can bring to the table.

But have fun. This is not a term paper. 



Shoes are the foundation of an outfit. I'll have you send me photos of all of your sexiest shoes (preferably with your feet in them), and let you know which ones you should bring to the shoot.

‍    Preferences: high heels, stilettos, feminine, girly, funky. Boots are usually good. I also like moccasins.

‍    Dislikes: I hate super-pointy toes. Leave them at home. Burn them. Flats are generally unattractive.


I tend to prefer solid colors to patterns or prints. Busy clothes draw attention away from the model.

I prefer not to advertise commercial products or brands. No shirts with huge DNKY logos.

There are exceptions to both the above rules. A grungy look with a Jack Daniels shirt, for instance.

Skin-Matching Underwear

Underwear lines and show-through destroy otherwise great wardrobe looks.

Models who don't feel comfortable going braless or panty-free under their outerwear really simply must invest in undergarments which mimic nudity as closely as possible. They should:

  • match her skin tone closely,
  • have no (or or very minimal) padding,
  • fit correctly (close-fitting without being binding),
  • absolutely minimize lines and bulk under her clothing,

have a smooth finish, so that outer-garments slip over them as they would over skin, and

  • have minimal coverage.

Such things aren't hard to find. For pale-complexioned models:

Darker-complexioned models can simply specify their skin tone to find similar results.

Travel Wear

Tight-fitting, binding, and strappy clothes leave lines on your body which take hours to go away. 

Plan to wear loose-fitting or non-binding clothes to our shoots: no strappy shoes, tight bras or panties, tight jeans, ropy shirts or pants, etc... 

If you are willing to pose nude, or are even undecided, a light dress with nothing underneath, covered by a jacket, is an ideal pre-shoot clothing choice. 

If you need to wear underclothing to feel comfortable, considering wearing the underthings that you plan to shoot in, so that you don't have extra bra-lines.