Wardrobe Style:

  Urban Chic


I'm talking New York - its fashion, music, and underground scenes. Not ghetto urban. 

Trashy is fine, if it's fashion-trashy like Taylor Momsen.

Things you might wear to an underground club, a rock concert, or a party. Perhaps a bit uptown and Paris Vogue. Perhaps a bit edgy, a touch punk or rock. Maybe both at the same time. Leather. Spikes, maybe. Maybe not.

Again, this is a feel, not a recipe. 

Five points to any model who brings an art-worthy leather jacket to go with her urban look.

Five extra points for any model who has sexy wifebeater or cut-up or ripped-up t-shirt to go with her look.

Ten extra points if it's a cool, fancy, artsy ripped-up/cut-up t-shirt.