Dishabille: Creatively

  Accessorizing Nudity

Because my art focuses on female beauty and sensuality, my models at least need to be completely comfortable with bikini-level exposure. Though this page has a lot of nudity on it, you do not need to choose to pose nude in order to work with me. But you should probably expect to be less than half-dressed at least half of the time.

My models have a wide variety of limits, interests, and artistic desires. With those who happily and adventurously express their natural sexuality in its fullness, I do a lot of nude and semi-nude work with. Those a little bit less comfortable casting off cultural conditioning are free to keep a little bit more covered. 

Artistic Undress - Style & Mood

These images focus on the style and mood of the photography and poses I'm interested in. They also express the kind of implied nudes I do: moody, natural, earthy, sensuous, beautiful. Notice that while these models are all nude or partially nude, you can't 'see' anything explicitly.
For models on the border of being comfortable with nudes, 'implied' nudes such as these are an option.

Accessorizing Partial Nudity

The remaining pictures show a variety of the kinds of outfit choices I'm interested in seeing in partially-undressed models, just to give idea for the kind of items and accessories which might be interesting to bring. The pictures range from bikini-level outfits, accessories, including hats, jewelry, masks, kink, bondage, and fetish wear, masks, stockings, arm-and-leg warmers, to a wide variety of other items.

One thing to notice is the degree to which interest is generated by using unusual items or using or wearing everyday things in unusual ways: surprise has a way of amplifying beauty and sex appeal, and boring, non-sexual objects become items of almost fetishistic interest the moment they adorn an otherwise naked woman. My hope is that in looking at these images, you will see potential in items of your own that you would normally consider mundane, and the way in which your body can elevate the mundane into something of erotic and aesthetic power.

An extension of that idea is the way that odd combinations - cape and boots, stockings and a socialite's hat, bolero and heels - can take on special meaning when they are the only clothes you're wearing.

With regard to shoes, as stated in the general wardrobe instructions, they are the foundation of a wardrobe, and this can be even more true even when posing nude. Do bring every sexy pair you have, especially high heels, stilettos, and other girly shoes, boots, and anything cool and unusual you have. But leave super-pointy-toed shoes at home: I hate them utterly.

I’ll take a break from words now, and let the pictures do the talking for me: