Working with Me:

  Getting Started

Are We a Good Fit?

Not every model is a good fit for me. For models who'd like to participate in my personal, creative projects, this is my general base-line criteria:

classically beautiful, slender, and fit young ladies of any height, race, or ethnicity,
with no more than minimal tattooing, piercing, or other body modifications,
conscientious, hard-working, and willing and able to take instructions,
and residing in or willing to travel to South-Central Wisconsin or the Twin Cities.

Neither am I a perfect fit for every model, so if you do fit the above criteria, these are the three most important pages read to before deciding you want to shoot with me.

what you can expect from me, and what I expect from my models

pictures and practices which embrace human sexuality’s inherent sacredness

my stand against prejudice and for curiosity, openness, individuality, and love for all people

Putting in the Effort - The Catalog Shoot

As much as my models would love it if I jumped straight into setting up a highly-involved, editorial-style shoot which they can just swan into and then get pampered and flattered…

No. Just… no.

Setting up such a shoot is extremely effortful and time-consuming, and very few models are worth that effort until they’ve proven a willingness to put a similar effort in to hold up their end. My shoots require dedicated models, and are no place for those hoping for effortless narcissistic validation. Shooting with me is worth working your ass off for, and the rewards are worth the effort and time put into them.

No, our first shoot will be a catalog-style shoot in front of a stark white background, cataloging your wardrobe. 

We’ll also break out for more creative shooting when we find good looks, but 80% of the first shoot will be spent cataloging and practicing posing. This allows me to assess your commitment and build your posing skills with minimal effort on my part - an absolute must for new models - as well as to have a catalog of your outfits for wardrobing future shoots.

The process is fun as hell - a day-long game of flirty, sexy dress up - and the pictures we create will be visually striking, as can be seen in the shot at the left (of modeeling newcomer, Kara) or at the top of this page (of Austin’s favorite model, Jessa Peters). This is easy photography in terms of my time and energy invested, but it’s gorgeous and fun photography nonetheless.

You’ll need to expect to put significant effort into preparing for the catalog shoot, as I’ll describe below.

Only after we’ve finished the catalog shoot do we start discussing doing more creative work together, and even then, we’re only looking at a full-on editorial-style shoot if your contributions warrant the effort on my part. If not, we’ll probably talk about doing some fun and simple shoots to build up your hair-and-makeup and modeling skills.

Step 1 - Text Me a Selfie

You should only reach out to me to work with me if you’re ready to book something right away. I simply do not have the time to ‘court’ undecided models, and even less interest in doing so, so if you want a guy to chase you, go post your pictures on Instagram. But don’t contact me unless you’re ready to get to work.

Once you’re committed, however, getting started with me is as easy as texting me a selfie. 

It All Starts with a Selfie

Don’t even bother with your name, or saying ‘hi,’ or saying you want to model, until AFTER you send a picture. Your picture is what tells me why I should care about what follows.

My number for texting is 612-849-3585.

It should be a very clear, well-lit, very recent picture of yourself including your entire body from at least the mid-thighs up. In the picture, I need to see your face and body very clearly, so it should be a shot wearing tights, a bikini, or undies. Or nude, if you want to catch my attention and impress me with your cohones.

A mirror selfie like the one on the right is perfect. The model is standing far enough away from the mirror that her body isn't distorted by proximity, with good light and enough of her showing that there will be zero surprises when I meet her, and she’s standing in a simple pose that shows me what she looks like very clearly, with nothing fancy or creative added, and no filters or special effects.

Definitely avoid close-ups and 'angles' which you think are flattering. These prevent me from knowing what you actually look like, and will just prompt me to ask for a simpler picture that shows you more clearly. If you feel the need to hide or disguise what you look like, then you aren't ready to model for me.

Follow It with Your Info:

  • name
  • age
  • height
  • zip code
  • tattoos and body piercings, if any

(I may ask for pictures, esp. of tats)

  • a one-sentence modeling history (if any)
  • general times you're available to shoot

Step 2     If Interested, I’ll Call to Set Up Your Catalog Shoot

Yes, I know. An actual phone call. With talking. Sorry, Gen Z, but this is not optional.

If I'm not interested, I'll give you a polite message to the effect that I’m all booked up. I won’t butter it up, but please understand that it’s not mean-spirited. ‘I’m sure you’re a great person, but…’ may sound like a pathetic cliche, but it is often true. I only shoot with models who truly inspire me, and pretending serves nobody. 

If I am interested, I'll give you a 20 minute call to:

  • flirt,
  • get to know you and let you get to know me,
  • make sure you’re a good candidate for working with me,
  • answer any questions,
  • set up a test/training shoot (or arrange a better time to call),
  • make sure you're committed to coming to your shoot before I block time on my calendar for it.

This last one is really the most important reason for the call: I've found that models who haven't had an actual conversation with me rarely show up, while models who have are generally very excited to get started.

Step 3     Prepare for the Catalog Shoot

Expect to spend around six hours getting ready for the shoot:

  • There is reading to do. There are about a dozen web pages with information my new models need to know. You should first read the pages on wardrobing basics, accessorizing nudity, ‘natural beauty’ makeup, and the ’sexy waves’ hairstyle, as these will be helpful to you as you prep for the shoot. You’ll also need to read the pages covering expectations, responsibilities, sex-positive photography, anti-prejudice, and technical and legal information. A lot of work went into creating all these pages so that I don’t have to waste precious shooting time repeating this information with every new model. I consider it a bad sign if a model hasn’t read them. 
  • There is actual work to be done, as well. You’ll need to spend time selecting and packing wardrobe, and experimenting with hair styling and makeup, if you aren’t already proficient at the looks detailed on my hair and makeup pages. This should be fun for you, and I hope it is. It’s time to look at your wardrobe in terms of fun, sexy possibilities, and have fun researching and trying out new makeup and styling skills.

Once we’ve scheduled a catalog shoot, go take a look at the prep checklist.

Step 4     Rock the Catalog Shoot

Like all my shoots, the catalog shoot is a long, full-day shoot. You should expect to show up at around 9:30 AM, wide awake, made up and ready to get started, and expect to leave around 8 PM. We won’t be ‘on’ all day, obviously, taking breaks as needed, but you should expect that a day shooting with me will be spent doing nothing else. Don’t book anything else or have anything else you need to accomplish that day, and don’t stay up the night before if you can help it.

Before we do anything else at her first shoot, I require three things from a model: 

  • proof of Covid-19 vaccination,
  • her signature on the model’s release, and
  • a photo of her driver’s license serving as proof that she was of legal age to sign the release.

As an audition, I'm looking for all the qualities I describe on the Expectations page, as well as for your ability to build a great vibe and creative rapport with me. I don’t expect you to be good at modeling, but I am looking for a willingness no learn and take direction. I have an unusual way of approaching teaching modeling skills (psychology-driven, and based on my training in NLP), and it has proven extra-ordinarily effective.

We'll spend most of our time shooting you in the outfits you brought, until we’ve shot them all. That part of the shoot is typically like four-to-five hours of playing dress-up and 'playing' catalog model at the same time, flirting and feeling sexy. This allows me to prepare a visual catalog of your outfits. Extra time will be spent shooting away from the white screen, breaking out into the much fancier parts of the house, or going out into nature if the weather permits.


Expect meals to be spent fruitfully, increasing rapport or discussing shooting at lunch, and discussing next steps over dinner. Bring any carbs you may want: I typically don’t have any on hand. A few slices of bread to put chicken or brats in. Don’t be ‘brave’ and try to low-carb it if your body isn’t used to that: if you’re used to carbs, your body will need them for energy. With regard to caffeine, I always have energy shots on hand, but my only coffee is instant, and no cream or (real) sugar. I usually do have the makings for a bullet-proof mocha, though.

Step 5     Discussing What Comes Next

By the end of a day of shooting, I'm famished and on the verge of getting hangry, so it’s usually over dinner the day of the catalog shoot that I’ll give you deeper feedback on how I feel the shoot went and what the next steps are.

If I find your skills still lacking but your other personal qualities good, we'll schedule an easy, fun shoot, something more creative and posey and thematic - and less wardrobe-centric - than the catalog shoot, and even more fun, but still much less trouble for me to orchestrate than a full editorial shoot. You’ll use the time before the shoot to further advance whatever skills need honing, and during these shoots, I’ll focus on enhancing your modeling skills further. 

We may need two or three of these learning shoots before I’m comfortable going the distance and setting up something more wild and creative. (If you’re adventurous enough to go for it, I’ll even use hypnosis to improve your abilities so radically, you’ll think it’s magic. Which in a technical sense, it actually is.)

Local model Taylor, god bless her, who volunteered to model for the catalog of my own wardrobe, in exchange for instruction and modeling experience.

Rinse and Repeat and Improve

Once you’re ready for the big times, though, we’re off to the races, and a landscape of creative wonder spreads itself open for us, if you’ll forgive the flowery rhetoric.

In exchange for my efforts thinking up and setting up brilliant shoot ideas, you’ll invest your own precious time in your new hobby of being the best model I could hope for. There are more pages with more advanced makeup looks and others with wardrobe styles to be on the lookout for when you hit the stores. You’ll keep having fun practicing with hair and makeup, sending me the pics for feedback, and you’ll keep spending time practicing posing in front of the mirror (all good models do it).

And of course, I’ll be sending you pics as well: the raw images from the shoots, as well as any polished and finished art I make out of them.

Now What?

Now that you’re done reading this page, if you’ve read the requisite pages to be sure that you want to work with me, and you’ve made up your mind to set something up, grab your calendar and scroll back to the instructions for texting me.