Hair Style:

  Sexy, Natural Waves

I strongly prefer that hair isn't overly 'done up,' or at least, that it doesn't give that impression.

What works for your hair will depend on what kind of hair you have, as I'm sure you're aware. If you have naturally shimmery, arrow-straight hair, you can certainly consider just letting it lie straight. For those who can rock it, this is my favorite look.

The hair equivalent to natural beauty makeup is sex hair.

Sex hair is what happens you've just had the kind of awesome sex that makes it naturally gorgeous and wavy. The recipe is a little sweat, a dab of oil from his face, lots of hair-grabbing, and an hour spent in his t-shirt drinking cocoa while your hair dries.

Psychologically, it works the same way that natural beauty makeup does: by signaling fertility. If you think about it, just having had sex might be a pretty good sign that you're fertile and interested in sex. In the male of our species, that triggers immediate attraction.

(And I simply won't go into the evolutionary psychology of sperm competition. Let it suffice to say that it adds a whole other level of attractive power to sex hair for reasons people aren't comfortable admitting.)

Getting Sexy Natural Waves

While the natural way of achieving the sex hair look is usually the most enjoyable for both the recipient and the hair stylist, it lacks the kind of control you might like, making it hit-or-miss, and it does require a man's help (or a very sweaty woman's), so you may want to consider another way to get it.

Not a problem.

Just search YouTube for ‘Victoria's Secret hair'.

And then there are the Aussie brand hair products and techniques focusing on naturally wavy hair, which generally rely on air-drying.

Though frizzier and less glamorous in final appearance, the easiest way by far to get ‘beach hair’ is to spritz your hair lightly with salt water, carefully scrunch it with fingers covered in a very light film of olive oil, and then let it air-dry.

That's really all I have to say about hair.

The rest I leave up to you.

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