Seeing the Person In Front of You

We are all biased. All of us. The science is solid: there is no escaping our biases, and no fixing them. And if we accept woke definitions of racism as true, then we are all racist, as well, and there’s no escaping that, either.

The question is: what do we do about it?

If we have love in our hearts, then the answer is that even if we can’t avoid bias, we can avoid prejudice and treat others as unique individuals to be individually curious about, and to individually love, rather than as mere representatives of a group.

After all, every race, every ethnicity, every sexuality, every gender identity, every one, has both heroes and scoundrels within it, both geniuses and morons, beauties and beasts, bigots and sages, folk both prejudiced and fair. 

This even holds true for our major political parties.

So we can ask: is this person a hero, a scoundrel, a genius, a moron, a beauty, a beast, a bigot, a sage? Is this person prejudiced, or fair? And we can ask it in genuine curiosity. And then we can realize, once we have our answers, that skin color, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, political affiliation… all mean nothing.

And in the light of that, prejudice can't survive.

Yes, obviously.

I will very happily work with and connect to women of any race whom I find personally attractive, courteous, and reliable, and I have yet to discover a race or ethnicity that doesn't have such women in it.

If I pick you, it will mean that I find you personally attractive. I would not choose you otherwise, but that wouldn't mean I don't see the beauty and wonder inherent in your race and feel love for its people. I can guarantee that I do. 

Not everybody finds everything attractive. It’s true that some physical features common in some races don't appeal to me very much: that happens. None of us have control over what we find physically attractive, and I won’t apologize for that or seek to ‘fix’ it. It’s not broken. It’s just what is.

Not being my type doesn't mean that I can't recognize that you are an attractive woman. And choosing not to shoot with a model I’m not attracted to never means that I don't value her as a person. Or even that I wouldn’t take her as a long-term companion and lover, if she was awesome.

But you can be sure that there are women of every race I’d jump at the chance to work with.

See The Beauty in Every Race

Models of racial and ethnic backgrounds other than caucasian may note that my portfolio and model pages are dominated by caucasian women.

I would like to make clear than I am, in fact, very interested in working with exceptionally beautiful women of all races. I am a lookist and a dog, but no more a racist than anybody else, and likely far less so than most who consider themselves paragons.

The ethnic makeup of my portfolio simply reflects the fact that the vast majority of women pursuing modeling in the places I've lived have been caucasian. The ethnic composition of my hair and makeup pages reflects that I have almost no experience with hair and makeup for other races.

Be aware that I do not believe in affirmative action, cannot be made to feel guilty for the racial composition of my current portfolio, will roll my eyes at the belligerent cluelessness of wokeish accusations of racism against myself, and will not attempt to actively 'fix' the issue, which though unfortunate, is the valid result of circumstance, not hate.

While I’m far from woke, I strongly value a multi-racial and racially-mixed society, in no small part because I am a dog, and am attracted to beautiful women of all races and ethnic backgrounds, and have treasured the profound loving connections I've shared with my black, hispanic, and asian lovers. Sometimes even with white girls.

A gorgeous woman I could work and play and live and love with.

Reject ‘Reverse’ Racism and Race-Baiting

I do not tolerate prejudiced people and am unwilling to work with them.

And that definitely includes those who are racially prejudiced against white people: I am white.

Just as, being a man, I am unwilling to work with those who are hostile towards men, being white, I won't work with those who are comfortable hating or deriding white people. Prejudice is never okay. Thinking that there is one race it’s okay to be prejudiced against (whatever the rationalization), is just about the most stupidly and pathetically prejudiced idea there is.

I also won’t work with those who like to use the word ‘racist’ a lot, or who like to see racism in every situation that doesn't go the way they'd prefer. To quote MsBlairWhite’s wildly viral 2016 tweet:

“I think a lot of folks assume they are hated for their sexuality/race/gender,
when in reality, they are just unlikeable cunts.” 

Those who are likely to interpret a lack of interest in working with them as 'racism' are invited not to contact me in the first place. Those who are willing to set such ideas aside and see me as an individual rather than as a representative of my race - the way they hope to be seen themselves - should reach out to me.

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