Makeup Style:

  Natural Beauty

Alas, I no longer have that small army of amazing hair and makeup artists who once happily contributed their time and skills to collaborate with me in my personal projects. Man did I love Austin. That was long before Covid, of course. Today, it’s no longer wise to bring in more help than you absolutely need. 

My models now need to do their own hair and makeup.

This page shares the kinds of hair and makeup I find attractive and seductive and prefer to shoot, as well as tips to get good results. It’s devoted to 'natural' beauty looks, which I consider the foundation of good makeup skills. I touch on glamour briefly, but I go into it in depth on another page.

If you know this stuff already, great. Possibly worth reading for anything you might not.

What 'Natural' Beauty Refers To

In this context, natural beauty makeup doesn't mean using 'natural' products, which is entirely up to you.

Instead, it means using makeup to to make you look as beautiful and sexy as possible, without drawing any attention to the fact that you're wearing makeup at all. Preferable without revealing it.

What Natural Beauty Makeup Does

Women may gravitate to this style for many reasons. They may prefer this look because it confers high-status among other women, or because it is the preferred makeup of sophisticated women of high socio-economic status. Or because for almost as long as we've had high-status fashion magazines, it has been their style of choice.

But that's their conscious purpose for doing natural beauty makeup, not its instinct-driven nature.

While women who have been trained to be sexually repressed by a society which sees their sexuality as a vice may not want to see it in this light, from an objective, scientific standpoint, the nature of this beauty makeup - the thing it does - is that it’s the style of makeup which enhances female sexual attractiveness to men. 

That’s not an accidental feature of beauty makeup. It’s not that men are more sexually attracted to women who are beautiful. That’s not what the science reveals. What the science reveals is this: whether intentionally or otherwise, every element of beauty makeup is specifically designed to trigger evolved, instinctual male sexual attraction cues, and it is this which we call female beauty.

Natural beauty makeup simply does this while hiding that makeup is being worn.

Female Beauty and Male Sexual Attraction Triggers

Male sexual attraction is extremely visual, and if you consider that the primary requirement of evolutions is reproduction, it shouldn’t come as too great a shock that male attraction is triggered more-or-less exclusively by visual cues of fertility and female sexual arousal.

Fertility in women, in turn, is correlated with four things that can be detected visually: youth, physical health, lack of emotional stress, and hormonal femininity. Natural beauty makeup deals with each of these directly:

  • youth - hiding wrinkles, facial folds, eye bags, and age-related skin blemishes, elevating and thickening eyebrows, creating the illusion of larger eyes
  • health - evening skin tones, removing eye bags, adding color to cheeks, thickening eyebrows and lashes
  • happiness - removing eye bags, adding color to cheeks and lips
  • femininity - evening skin tones, adding color to cheeks and lips, creating feminine face contour

Female sexual arousal also adds changes to the face, a natural by-product of increased blood-flow:

  • darker, more purple eyelids
  • rosier cheeks
  • thicker, redder lips

Finally, female sexual arousal also increases unconscious lip-licking, causing:

  • shinier lips

Men find these signals arousing and attracting, and beauty makeup simulates all of them:

  • smoother, more even skin
  • elevated, denser eyebrows
  • the illusion of larger eyes
  • smoother, more even, clearer under-eye skin
  • darker, more purple eyelids
  • warmer cheeks
  • thicker, redder, shinier lips

What makes natural beauty makeup 'natural' is that it uses makeup to simulate or very slightly exaggerate what a woman might look like without makeup if she were at the peak of human female fertility: at the peak of her youth, extremely healthy, extremely content in life and frequently joyous, high in female sex hormones, and to top it off, kinda’ a little bit horny, suggesting that she’s comfortable with and interested in sex, and better yet, potentially interested in sex right now.

The Basics of Natural Beauty Makeup

Natural beauty makeup is about subtlety. It’s about putting on makeup so that it’s not apparent that you’re wearing makeup at all. Each element is believable as how things just naturally are. Mastering the art of beauty maxeup starts with mastering the ‘naked face’ beauty look, since most quality makeup looks are based on it.

  • light bags under eyes
  • uneven skin tones
  • average eyebrows
  • average eyelashes
  • uneven lip color
  • very slightly thin lips
  • very light natural blush

No Makeup

'Naked Face’ Beauty Makeup

• concealer for eye shadows

• foundation for skin tone

• subtly filled-in eyebrows

• light mascara

• no eyeliner

• natural-color lip gloss

• lips slightly enlarged

• imperceptible added blush

Natural Beauty Makeup

  • concealer
  • foundation
  • well-defined, thick eyebrows
  • moderate mascara
  • subtle eyeliner, top lashes
  • slightly darker shade lips
  • lips visually enlarged
  • moderate gloss on lips
  • very light visibl blush
  • concealer
  • foundation
  • defined, darkened eyebrows
  • heavy mascara
  • subtle eyeliner, top lashes
  • slightly darker shade lips
  • lips visually enlarged
  • higher gloss on lips
  • light visible blush

Sexy Natural Beauty Makeup

Natural Beauty Eyes

Tight-lining    Natural beauty involves makeup which enhances beauty but is invisible from a couple of feet away, and in relation to the eyes, that rules out eyeliner, at least as it’s typically applied: lines of eyeliner creates visible dark lines which aren’t found in nature. High-end makeup professionals still apply eyeliner when they need to create the illusion of naturally thicker brows, but they don’t apply it in lines, preferring to employ a technique known as tight-lining, in which the eyeliner is applied to the waterline and then pressed into the lash line itself.

Mascara    Mascara for the natural beauty look is applied lightly enough that the eyelashes still seem natural, while being fuller and more visible. For natural beauty, blonds and redheads will want to look for brown or bronze mascara (and eyeliner), while brunettes will want dark brown rather than black, to enhance their natural coloration rather than replacing it.

Eyeshadow    eye shadow for natural beauty attempts to mimic natural color changes darkening the eye during arousal. Very faint reds, purples, and browns, applied with extreme subtlety.

Eyebrows    for beauty, eyebrows should be trimmed to be neat, but not to thin them: eyebrows are at their thickest with youth, and in spite of a common misconception among makeup amateurs, thicker eyebrows are actually a beauty enhancer for women. The most famous eyebrows in the beauty world are probably still those of Brooke Shields, who’s almost-bushy eyebrows did nothing except exaggerate her notably youthful, sexy beauty.

For natural beauty, sparse eyebrows can be thickened with a tinted brow gel just slightly darker than the brow’s natural color, and an eyebrow pencil can be used to fill in patchy areas. Again, go for a color that is subtle: for natural beauty, drawn-in eyebrows shouldn’t look drawn in.

Natural Beauty Blush

Blush for natural beauty is applied lightly enough so that it is perceived primarily unconsciously. It can be applied to the apples of the cheeks, suggesting health and youth (or embarassment) more than arousal, or along the sides of the face along the cheek bone to suggest sexual readiness (with an understandably more powerful beauty effect: men are attracted to horny).

It is not strictly necessary to apply blush at all for natural beauty unless your face seems palid or emotionally closed without it.

Natural Beauty Lips

For the most part, lips for natural beauty are dead simple, so long as your lips are healthy and in good condition, requiring only a tinted lip gloss, preferably with at least a moderate gloss to it.

Taking It from Natural Beauty to Glamour

Minus the lipstick and eyebrow pencil, the ‘naked face’ beauty look above is the basis for nearly all quality makeup looks. To this are added exaggerated eyes and lips, as well as blush (though usually it is not a good idea to do all three heavily. Such as look is sexy, yes, but generally considered trashy, as well).

Notice that accentuating the lips without the eyes tends to look young and ‘ripe’ (top left and mid bottom), while accentuating the eyes more than the lips (top right, bottom 2 & 4) tends to look sophisticated without suggesting sex too much. 

Strongly hitting all three, eyes, lips, and cheeks (bottom right) is sexiest of all, but strongly suggests the possibility of trashiness. This isn’t necessarily a bad look: if the image of the woman on the bottom right is the picture of a whore, she’s a very, very expensive one, and there are occasions such a look is called for, especially at nightclubs, raves, or burning man, where the sexual competition with other women is fierce. This look also suggests a bad girl and a rule-breaker, a woman who is willing to be fierce in pursuit of what she wants, other women’s opinions be damned.

I’ll discuss glamour looks in much more detail on the Refined Glamour Makeup page.

Why Focus on Natural Beauty Makeup?

Natural beauty makeup is eternal. Timeless.

Based on basic human instincts of attraction, it is a look that never goes out of style. Makeup fads come and go, but natural beauty remains in style decade after decade. And not just in style: it has been at the pinnacle of high fashion since photo-quality color printing became widespread, and the higher quality images we share, the more strongly natural beauty dominates. It is not a fad. Learn it now, and you’ll probably still be using it in twenty-five years.

With regard to shooting with me, I typically find this natural style the most alluring in itself. I’m not opposed to adding glamour on top of this, but when it comes to my own lovers, I much prefer natural beauty day-in-and-day-out, with glamour touches added on special occasions, for photoshoots, or when she just wants sex now.

There's also a major practical benefit when it comes to photoshoots: natural beauty makeup maximizes female attractiveness while still allowing the photographer the greatest flexibility to add or change makeup when editing the photos: it is far easier to digitally add makeup, than to remove it.

I'm not interested in flash and craziness. What impresses me is evidence of refined taste and artistic subtlety. I want to see skill with basic beauty makeup, not 'artistic' makeup creativity. How good is your ‘naked face’?

Learning Natural Beauty Makeup

A surprising proportion of modern women - including aspiring models - no longer have a strong foundation in natural beauty makeup. If this describes you, don't worry, it's not overwhelmingly difficult, nor time-consuming, and for years now, there have been hundreds of exceptionally high quality makeup tutorials available on YouTube.

The basics can be easily found with a quick search for 'five minute face', while more advanced tips can be found by searching for 'natural beauty makeup' and 'parisian style makeup'.

Makeup Dos and Don'ts for Shooting with Me

  • Bring enough makeup to the shoot to do touchups if needed.
  • It can be a good idea to bring lipstick options to the shoot, rather than locking it in beforehand. If you're sure that you know what you're doing, this isn't a requirement.
  • Don't do anything too crazy or experimental for a shoot without running it by me first. Do what you know looks great on you, and works with every theme or wardrobe look we can dream up.
  • Don't try and emulate the crazier hair and makeup styles in my portfolio - those were largely a byproduct of the bizarro Austin fashion scene, and while I enjoyed shooting them, I feel little desire to repeat them. Only do a wild and crazy look if you know it works for you extremely well.
  • Don't use fake lashes under any circumstances: they look fake. If I want you to have heavier lashes than you can achieve with mascara, I'll add them in Photoshop - a 60-second process which looks more realistic than even the most expensive, professional glue-on lashes ever do, and over which I have far more control.
  • Try to keep eye liner subtle. No Cleopatra cat-eye eye-liner 'darts' in the corners of your eyes, please. 
  • Please stay away from recent makeup fads without running them by me first.