Enhancing Beauty

  Without Makeup

Natural Beauty Without Makeup

I should point out that while makeup may be the fastest way to increase your beauty, it isn’t the best way.

The best way to increase your beauty is to actually improve the way you look without makeup, because the things which do that - health and happiness - also end up making your whole life much, much better.

Male sexual attraction is based on cues of youth, health, emotional wellness, and hormonal femininity, and all of these things can be enhanced in reality, not just by artfully faking them.

So let’s talk about health and happiness. If you’re already as healthy and happy and beautiful without makeup as you could possibly want to be, feel free to skip this section.

Physical Health

Health is based on diet, and a healthy diet will help you be and look healthier, even if you’re not trying to change your body-composition. 

The trouble is that what constitutes a healthy diet is still very much up for debate, and seems to vary widely from person to person: I find that pretty much anything other than meat causes me all kinds of serious health problems, so my diet is about 98% meat. Others find they do well with a lot more veggies in the mix. People of Asian heritages often seem to do well on a diet of mainly rice.

What seems pretty much universal, however, is that grains, things made from wheat or corn flour (bread, tortilla, pizza, noodles), as well as refined sugars, unnatural chemicals, and highly processed foods tend to diminish health, even in those who seem able to tolerate them well. Switching to a diet of whole meats and vegetables and staying away from the rest hurts very few people.

Science also shows that the best way to remain lean and strong is to eat a diet high in protein (the most satiating macronutrient per calorie) and low in carbohydrates (which stimulate appetite). Again: meat and veggies. Not too lean on the meats, though, if you’re cutting carbs: you’ll need fat for energy, and can caus yourself severe health problems eating neither fat nor carbs.

Youth and hormonal femininity are both significantly improved by improved health. Youthfulness is not the same thing as chronological age - there are women who are more youthful at 35 than other women are at 25, and women who’s change in diet has resulted in them ‘losing 10 years’. It is an impression left by vigor, improved skin tone and circulation, and other traits associated with being young. It turns out, they’re also associated with good health. And estrogen and female sex hormones are all suppressed in women in poor health.

Emotional Wellness

Happiness (or just lack of stress) can be a bit more challenging, as I know from my background as a therapist, as well as from my own long personal struggles with chronic stress and intermittent depression (which I am happy to report can be overcome).

Healing Trauma

First of all, most of us carry around at least some un-released emotional trauma, and many of us carry a lot. This trauma produces chronic stress (from a little to a lot) and interferes with our happiness. Chronic stress, in turn, damages our health in a wide variety of ways. Therapy is neither cheap, nor easy. But for those with unresolved emotional trauma, I don’t see it as optional. 

Looking at today’s mental health statistics, I’m clearly alone in this, but trust me, there is almost no use of your time or money which will do more to improve your life in the long term. If you get effective therapy, it will pay itself off in relatively short order - not just in happiness, but in increased productivity, so that you regain both the time and the money you invest, and then get to take dividends year after year. 

If you do have trauma, I highly (and personally) recommend looking into drug-assisted therapies (MDMA, psilocybin, LSD), which are in the pipeline to be made legal sometime in 2022, as the FDA reschedules these drugs as available with a prescription, based on their overwhelming success in helping to heal a wide variety of mental health issues, especially those stemming from trauma (which is most).

Happiness Hacks

While therapy may be time-consuming, there are ways to boost happiness which aren’t, and which are scientifically proven to work. Shawn Achor, a professor of psychology at Harvard University, writes about the causes and benefits of happiness in his excellent book The Happiness Advantage.

The benefits include: much higher productivity, significantly better health, increased creativity and problem-solving ability, and the increased capacity to be aware of and capitalize on opportunities.

But in spite of these benefits, and of our strong intrinsic motivation to be happy,  we are actually remarkably bad at doing the things that actually make us happy.

It turn out that most of the things that most of us are highly motivated to do are not the things which bring happiness, but the things with distract us from our un-happiness. There is a huge difference. Watching TV, or movies, or using our electronic devices… these tend to improve our mood when we start doing them, but tend to cause us to become more depressed after only about 20 minutes. Binge-watching your favorite TV shows (guilty) may be fun (sorta), but at the end of it we’re always more depressed than when we started, rather than happier.
No, it’s not just you.

Professor Achor lays out what you can do to actually make yourself happier, and which are scientifically proven to work: 

  • meditate, 
  • find something to look forward to, 
  • commit conscious acts of kindness, 
  • infuse positivity into your surroundings, 
  • exercise, 
  • spend money on experiences, 
  • spend money on other people, 
  • do something you’re particularly good at, and 
  • spend time in nature.

And being happier will make you sexier and more beautiful.