What I Expect From My Models

I've worked with a lot of great models who entirely have their shit together. Please try to be one of them.
The other kind don't last long, especially with me. What I look for and expect in my models:

Conscientious.  Courteous, considerate, thoughtful, responsible, reliable, professional.

Cooperative.  Open-minded, willing, helpful, playful, positive, eager to please, adventurous.

Proactive.  Rather than being passive, thinking ahead and taking initiative without being asked.

Communicative.  Be a good communicator. Keep me informed. Confirm schedules. Reply in a timely manner. Give timely updates if things arise or plans change. Let me know when you leave for the shoot. Check and answer email and messages regularly and promptly once we start arranging a shoot. Don't ghost: people who ghost are scumbags; if you must cancel, cancel like an adult, and I won't bite you.

Prepared.  Arrive on time, fully prepared. Have your wardrobe. Be made-up and ready to go at the start of the shooting time. If you need to finish makeup when you arrive, let me know ahead of time.

Focused.  Undistracted. Well-rested. As unstressed as you can possibly arrange to be. Phone off.

Committed.  What working with me is not: a quick and easy shoot and back to your life. You should consider working with me to be a fun hobby, something you dedicate time to. Be ready to spend at least four hours preparing for the shoot (wardrobe selection etc...) in the week before the shoot, plus over an hour reading, plus time thinking about locations. Be ready to spend the entire day of the shoot on nothing but the shoot, and avoid last-minute timing conflicts ("Oh, by the way, I need to leave an hour early because...") Be ready to work (play) your ass off, and to do whatever is called for in order to create something extraordinary together.

Happy!  In spite of all the work, this is PLAY: SUPER MAXIMUM HAPPY FUN TIME!
Let go and have a fucking blast. That's not just the payoff, it’s the whole point. Have fun going through your wardrobe, have fun packing for the shoot, have fun doing your makeup, and have fun at the shoot itself. This is play. And enjoying it will help us create the absolute best possible images.

Things You Should Know About Me

Time to share WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Let’s see who the scaredy-cats are!


Though largely asocial, I’ve founded and led wildly popular groups.

In Austin in 2002, I founded Austin NLP, which 19 years later is still going strong at over 1,000 members. Austin NLP is dedicated to learning and teaching Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a powerful psychological/therapeutic system. (I started the group before I had any NLP training, and went on to become a certified NLP master practitioner and trainer.)

In Madison in 2015, I founded Horrible People of Madison, a group for wicked, hilarious, politically-incorrect people to get blasted and have a blast (usually playing Cards Against Humanity). With events such as Do What We Always Do, Try and Take Over the World, the Horrible Evil BadWrong Halloween Party (there was nudity, which I generally regard as marking as successful party), A Total Fiasco!, the Pre-VD Party, the Party of the Beast, and, of course, the Midnight Carnival Orgy at our Very Secret Location!!! (you MUST read the description). HPoM blasted past 1,000 members in less than a year, and now sits just under 2000. That was before Covid, of course.

I’m currently starting a much smaller group exploring Non-Violent/Compassionate Communication, a simple communication style and therapeutic methodology that even children can learn, which has the potential to change the world. Maybe it’ll go somewhere. Maybe it won’t.

I’ve led a wild and diverse life, switching careers often.

In order, I've been:

  • a dishwasher, a fry cook, and a pizza slinger,
  • a barista in a coffeehouse called The Coffeehouse,
  • a radioman/machine-gunner in the US Army,
  • a production Photoshop expert,
  • an illustrator of fantasy novel book covers,
  • an extremely gifted but totally unlicensed clinical therapist, using NLP and hypnotherapy,
  • a photographer of editorial fashion and models' portfolios in the (wild) Austin, Texas fashion scene,
  • a leader of photography and lighting workshops, and
  • a spiritual trance guide.

Now I'm engaging with a more mystical calling, and developing myself to become a public intellectual focused on spirituality and culture. I expect to start podcasting and YouTubing within the next two years. I expect that this career, and all that grows out of it, will last me the rest of my life.


People with issues with smart people should rethink working with me.

Because I’m just stupid smart. Rather far beyond Mensa levels. IQ researchers who define a genius-level IQ range place my IQ in that range. Braggy, braggy, brag brag. 

People don’t like people who love to say how smart they are, and for good reason: such people are often emotionally invested in being the smartest person in the room, and are out to constantly prove how smart they are… usually by trying to make others feel dumb.

That’s not me.

I find snotty, superior 'smart' people just as irritating and boorish as you do.

It was me, once. But I didn’t want to be that way, and so I did the work, and healed and transformed that part of myself. Now I’m actually… likable.

But some people really do have their own issues with smart people, possibly the result of trauma or self-esteem issues, and unless they’re looking to overcome them, they really should look elsewhere: I’m not for them, at all.

If you do like smart people (especially fun, flirty smart people), but you're afraid that smart people might not like you, remember: smart isn't the same as fun, much less likable. I will like you if you're willing to be fun, positive, playful, considerate, and open. 

Especially if you're also fun to look at.


I am unabashedly sex-positive, body-positive, kink-positive, and male.

  • I am sex-positive and kink-positive, highly masculine, rampantly sexual, and happily, openly, continuously flirtatious with anybody who makes me go “mmmmmmmm.”
  • I’m just completely Christian Gray. Well sure, I’m way less uptight and stalky than the 50 Shades character, and maybe not quite as wealthy, but all of my girlfriends have been tied up (and loved it), and about half have been willing and eager slaves. And it’s not just the whips and chains and the red room of pain… my eyes will literally penetrate you fifteen times in the first twenty pages of our novel. 

You’ve been warned.

  • I am polyamorous and openly promiscuous. I have multiple girlfriends. They all know that I have other girlfriends. Some of them hang out with each other. I have occasional short-term lovers. I am open and honest about all of this with all of them.
  • I’m comfortable with my body and the bodies of others. I’m not a ‘nudist’, but I wander around my house naked all the time (there’s the TMI I was looking for). I absolutely think that society would be psychologically healthier if public nudity were both legal and common. In spite of having a physique far more reminiscent of Shrek than Brad Pitt, if you aren’t squeamish, I’ll probably take my shirt off at our shoot: if it’s warm enough for you to be in underwear, it’s way too warm for me to be in more than cargo shorts.
  • I have a cock. (There, I said it.) Also, I use it. (‘Gasp!’) I am unabashedly male, and though it’s quite out of fashion today, I’m pro-male (in addition to being pro-female). I roll my eyes at today’s bashing of men, fatherhood, and male sexuality. Men are awesome. They built, like… everything. I also have a decidedly male sexuality, and am open and out-of-the-closet about my hetero-sexuality: I love sweet, hot, pretty, ultra-feminine, young things with firm and girly breasts, and simply cannot be made to feel bad about it.
  • Socially, though, I do usually find I prefer the company of gay men to straight men: gay men are more… incandescent. They just burn brighter. They remind me of me.


Other random facts about me:

  • I find people beautiful and fascinating and can connect deeply with just about anybody.
  • I wasn’t natively inclined towards mysticism, and am temperamentally skeptical about anything paranormal… but after a life as a hardcore, rationalist atheist, I actually tested the hypothesis, and the evidence for a spiritual reality was absolutely overwhelming. So I am now a hardcore, rationalist believer in souls, spirits, angels, ghosts, and magick (which I practice). I still don’t believe in big-foot.
  • I plan to start a spiritualist, personal-growth, beauty-and-wonder-oriented commune in the next six years which embraces the dark wonderland values of abandoning the conventional to transcend the inadequacies of life and breathe life into a new world of love, desire, beauty, and wonder.
  • I have a razor-sharp, high-quality samurai sword (a wakazashi, the short-sword), and a small assortment of cool, scary guns. Evidently I’m one of those people. I just love ‘em, though.
  • I'm huge, built like an ogre-king, and I can toss you over my shoulder like a letterman jacket.
    This is
    what I look like. Could be worse, but thank god I’m so charismatic.


What to Expect in Shooting with Me

Working with me is playing with me.

As Albert Einstein said: “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

I do creative photography for the fun of it. Creation is my passion. Aesthetics and fashion are a playground that I choose to play in.

Make no mistake, there is a serious purpose behind it: the illustration of everything the world could be if we only decided to cast off mediocrity and convention, recognize how much more is possible, and to work to make it so.
But if it weren’t fun, I’d just devote the time to writing more podcasts.

Working with me is play, and playing with me is collaboration, sharing, cooperation, and an expression of creativity, of shared values, and of a shared passion for beauty.


I only play with friends.

If we shoot, we shoot as friends having fun together. 

I've found that pictures from shoots where I wasn't connected to and having fun with my model don't mean anything to me, so shooting with such models isn't worth my time any more. Photography is meaningful to me when it's with somebody I feel connected to and have fun with. If you don’t want an amazing new friend, don’t work with me.

No money changes hands in my creative shoots. I no longer accept commissions to help build models’ portfolios, and the women who play with me do so because it’s fun, and because they love what I do and want to be a part of it. My portfolio has only two paid models in it, both of whom I hired for my workshops. The rest are women who did it for fun and passion. 

The only models I'm interested in working with are the passionate ones. The ones willing to do it for the love of it.

Come to your first shoot prepared to make a meaningful and exciting new connection with somebody who's really, really fun. I'll do the same.

Courtney relaxing for a moment at her shoot


I’ll never, ever want to ‘just hang out.’

I establish powerful connections with people fairly quickly and easily, and those connections are genuine and valuable to me. But no matter how powerful the connection, I pretty much never ‘just hang out' with people. I honestly have trouble understanding why ‘hanging out’ is something people are willing to do.

With rare exceptions I vastly prefer my own company to that of others (the conversation is better, for a start). I’m also extremely focused and ambitious about what I want to create in my life. 

Ultimately, time is the most limited resource I have. I guard my time very jealously and say no to just about everything. 

For me to spend time with others, that time has to be well spent: super-high-quality time. When it comes to face-to-face interactions, I generally only choose to engage with other people for the following:

  • playful collaboration with talented people on projects of special interest to me (such as our photoshoots), 
  • deep intellectual discussion with brilliant, thoughtful, well-studied, intellectually-honest people, 
  • teaching what I know to willing and open-minded learners, 
  • leading people in deep-trance spiritual journeys,
  • sex and erotic play with attractive women (you’ll know it if I’m interested), and
  • affectionate play with children.

So understand while I love all of my models, if you do find that you end up wanting more time from me than I can devote to photography, it’ll be limited to these kinds of high-quality interactions.