To prepare for your test shoot you'll want to start by spending a few hours reading all of the pages linked to on the models’ page, but especially the catalog shoot preparation checklist.

 wardrobe pages, which are are your top priority. They provide inspiration for what to look for in your own wardrobe, and probably the majority of time you spend in prep for your test shoot will be spent in grabbing wardrobe to bring. You'll bring all of your most flattering, interesting, and exciting wardrobe. You can just snap pics of any shoes you think might be interesting, and I'll let you know which to bring. 

as soon as possible once the shoot is scheduled:

  • (optional) schedule:
    • a waxing in the days before the shoot, for your legs and/or any parts of your body or pubic hair you want satin-smooth, and (pictures last forever)
    • any manicure or pedicure you might want done
  • read model pages
  • obsess over wardrobe pages
  • photograph all pairs of interesting or sexy shoes - send to me
  • start taking note of clothes you want to bring - photos, or segregate
  • start thinking about cool locations for editorial shoot - any you might know, everybody you might ask. you don’t have to act on this yet, but do start thinking about it so that you have some ideas to broach with me

day before shoot:

  • pack all selecteed wardrobe

night before shoot (or morning of):

  • do last-minute grooming: shave legs, armpits, and unwanted pubes, if not already waxed. trim pubes to no longer than 1 inch. At the very least make sure you can confidently wear a moderately narrow bikini bottom.

morning of shoot:

  • dress in loose, non-binding clothing
  • pack wardrobe & shoes, makeup, food (carbohydrates) (maybe a slice of bread to wrap a brat in)
  • do hair & makeup
  • • 

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