Sans Talbot
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I enable people to connect directly with the divine power which flows deep beneath the surface of the physical world, and through this connection, to discover and manifest the purpose and meaning of their lives, and to trully connect with others.

My mission is to spread this connection throughout humanity, and to build a powerful community of people living their lives in love and authentic connection.

Before discovering my mission, I spent my life working as a professional artist, a life coach, and then most recently as a fashion photographer (gallery).

Though I still maintain an active interest in the arts, my personal spiritual mission has supplanted my artistic passions as the central theme of my life, and I now consider my primary art to be the building of a new kind of world through the transformation of individual lives.


Because of how strongly I value my personal time, very few people can get a hold of me easily. I use social media only for well-established friends and family, filter email from unknown addresses, and rarely give out my personal number. If you need me, however, you may:

Leave a message at my answering service: (415) 633-6778

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